MONTREAL, Jan. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Hybrid Paytech World Inc. (the “Organization” or “Cross Paytech” – formerly Freeport Cash Inc.), a frontrunner on Portable Credit and GREEN Money cost answers, announces that it will restate and re-document the annual audited consolidated financial claims of the Organization for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012 as well as the reduced interim consolidated financial claims for that three- and seven-month periods ended September 30, 2013. The following the significant adjustments for the aforesaid financial claims will be: Restatement of the worth of the non- handling attention and the acquired resources with respect to the exchange of Vault Obtaining Answers LLC as at July 1, 2012; Supervision now thinks that the intangible assets bought through the exchange of Vault Attaining Answers LLC as at July 1, 2012 are actually particular-life intangible assets an amortization cost is likely to be reflected in the financial claims that are restated; Display to the Business’s Convertible Notices with respect of additional information as at December 31, 2012; Sales alterations as a way to replicate the change of the functional currency of the Business’s subsidiaries of two; So that you can present appropriately the changes within the loans due and the issuance of the 2012 Request Notices restatement of the of Their Consolidated Statements of Money Flows at December 31, 2012; Restatement to the Business’s stock-option program of the info with respect as at December 31, 2012; Extra note disclosure regarding Segmented Data as at December 31, 2012; Additional note disclosure to Relevant Party Transactions with respect at December 31, 2012; Restatement of the presentation of the condensed interim consolidated claims of procedures and complete decline; Restatement to the Administration Discussion of the Company’s and Research as at December 31, 2012 and September 30, 2013 so that you can reflect the above adjustments and to present additional information about related party orders. About Hybrid Paytech Earth Inc. The Organization develops a Prepared Portable Payment Program for that leading OSis (IOS, Android, BB and Windows 7). The holding, First Equity Method LLC of the Company’s, markets itself using the DBA: Hybrid Paytech.

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Visit with click and on our video presentation that is corporate Paytech World Inc., situated in Montreal, Europe, can be a technology leader within the mobile payment space for bank and credit acceptance. Using a global presence, Hybrid can be an enabler of effortlessly-deployable repayment devices concentrating on verification, permitted security and swift merchant adoption in Retail, Supply and Navy. With finance and its existing banking -switching unions Paytech has market-access to over three million merchants worldwide. To find out more on Hybrid Paytech, please / The Canadian National Stock Market (“CNSX”) has not examined this announcement discharge and doesn’t acknowledge responsibility for the adequacy or precision. A solicitation to get or offer any securities in the United States does not be constituted by this announcement release. RESOURCE PayTech Inc.

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